Post-Treatment Root Canal Care

Published on March 28th, 2017

Root canal treatments are generally pretty routine, however there are a few things you’ll probably want to know after the procedure is over. You’ll probably experience a little bit of soreness or tenderness around the site of the root canal for a few days after the procedure. This is completely normal and shouldn’t alarm you. Likewise, you’ll probably have a sore jaw from holding it open for the treatment. Generally, the affected tooth may feel a little funny for a few days—which should not be cause for alarm either. However, if you are feeling intense pain or pain that lasts more than a few days, it’s probably time to call your endodontist.

Your root canal treatment is the first step in restoring a tooth to its natural, healthy state. You’ll want to discuss next steps with your endodontist. A full restoration is your best bet for long-term success and health. Immediately after your treatment, you’ll want to follow these steps for taking care of your tooth to ensure it’s healthy enough to continue the restoration process:

Don’t Eat Until You Regain Feeling

When you get a root canal, you’ll get a local anesthetic which will numb your mouth. Do not attempt to eat or drink anything until the numbness wears off. If you attempt to chew anything you could end up biting the inside of your cheek or tongue and not feel it. If you attempt to drink anything you could have difficulty swallowing and the liquid could end up going down the wrong tube!

Brush & Floss Frequently

Keeping up on a good oral hygiene routine is incredibly important to maintaining the health of the tooth & restoring it to its full function. Brush and floss as you normally would (as long as you normally brush and floss twice a day).

Contact Your Endodontist If Anything is Wrong

A temporary filling will be placed in the opening from the root canal. However, it’s possible for this filling to come out. If you suspect that this has happened, contact your endodontist immediately. You should also contact your endodontist if you have any visible swelling (both inside and outside of your mouth), some sort of allergic reaction to any medication, the return of the symptoms that brought you to the endodontist in the first place, or if your bite does not feel even.

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