Which Country Has the Best Teeth?

Published on May 22nd, 2023

Teeth Around the World: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

Our world is full of different cultures with various beauty standards and traditions. These include teeth and how people around the world view and care for their dental digits.

Multi-racial group of people show off their perfect smiles

When it comes to the best overall dental health, Denmark takes the #1 spot. With a DMFT (decayed, missing, or filled teeth) index score of 0.4, Danish citizens have pretty perfect teeth. Germany, Finland, Sweden, and the UK all have scores below 1.0, making them the five countries with the healthiest teeth.

In addition to being ranked fourth on the DMFT index, Sweden stands out for also having the whitest and straightest teeth in the world. These top-ranked countries have excellent healthcare systems, which can help account for the widespread healthy mouths.

Countries with the Worst Teeth

While access to healthcare is one factor in a country’s dental health, diets are another. Cultures that consume large amounts of sugar are more prone to dental caries, which lowers their country’s DMFT score.

At last count, the Philippines had the worst DMFT score, with 90% of their citizens suffering from tooth decay. India and Australia ranked second and third to last on the list.

Cultures that Don’t Brush Teeth

In some countries, people use alternative methods to clean their teeth and gums. Some cultures rely on a hands-on approach and use their fingers instead of toothbrushes. Indigenous tribes often use twigs, and other populations use tree bark.

Miswak twig, traditional toothbrush, and electric toothbrush on white background

Often, cultures and their people must rely on whatever is available, as resources, finances, religious practices, and many other factors can impact a person’s oral hygiene.

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