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Affordable Dentures in Chicago, IL

If you have tooth loss, the difficulty chewing, eating, or speaking affects your life and confidence. However, a set of dentures is a simple way to restore your smile. These affordable denture implants do more than fill the gaps in your mouth; they also support your lips and cheeks, helping you maintain the natural structure of your remaining teeth.

Why Get Dentures?

Many people lose their teeth for various reasons, whether that’s aging, genetics, or dental neglect. No matter the cause, our skilled dentists will evaluate your dental health to recommend the right solution. We offer different types of partial dentures in Chicago to suit your needs.

  • Conventional Dentures: After you lose all your teeth and your gums have fully healed.
  • Immediate Dentures: These are direct tooth replacements right after tooth extractions.
  • Upper Dentures: These cover the roof of your mouth with a flesh-colored acrylic base.
  • Lower Dentures: Shaped like a horseshoe, these dentures accommodate your tongue and lower set of teeth.

Whether you’re using complete dentures or removable partial dentures, you’ll feel like your old self. Even if you recently suffered from dramatic tooth pain or dental trauma and need emergency service, partial dentures can help restore your smile to its natural state.

Whichever type of dentures you choose, you can always trust Family Dental Care for affordable dental care solutions. Request an appointment today!

Building Your Perfect Smile

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Dental technicians make the teeth in your partial dentures from porcelain, plastic, or a combination. They’re a custom fit to blend seamlessly with your natural teeth, but we can also use dental implants for extra stability. Our Chicago dental professionals will discuss all your options, including the costs, to help you choose the best solution for your budget.

Keeping Your Smile Beautiful

Over time, your dentures may require replacement or adjustments from normal wear and changes in your mouth. Regular visits to your dentist are essential to detect issues early and ensure proper oral health. Also, brush and floss every day to avoid plaque and other harmful bacteria.

Don’t assume that having dentures means you don’t need to see your dentist. While these artificial teeth don’t decay like natural teeth, they can present unique challenges, like cracking, chipping, or obstructing nearby teeth. Changes in the structure of your mouth may require denture refitting. Our dental experts can help you address these issues and ensure your smile always shines.

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