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Emergency Service

Our practice in Waukegan as well as our Lakeview dentist office sees many patients a year who are facing dental emergencies. For some, their visit is the result of a sudden accident, while others call on us once slow-building dental pain has become unbearable. If you are experiencing dental pain of any kind, please reach out to our office to make an emergency appointment.

How Do I Recognize a Dental Emergency?

If you are experiencing severe dental pain, or believe you may be at risk of losing a tooth, your situation is a dental emergency. It’s important to treat dental pain without a clear cause just as urgently as visible damage.

Common Dental Emergencies

A Knocked-Out Tooth

Also known as a dental avulsion, a knocked-out tooth may be saved with quick thinking. If this happens to you or another, pick up the tooth by its crown (never the root) and rinse it gently under water (without scrubbing). Try to reinsert the tooth, facing the correct direction, back into the socket. If this doesn’t work, you can place it between your gum and lip, or bring it to your dentist in a small container of milk.

Damaged Teeth

If you suffer a dental trauma that includes cracked, broken, or chipped teeth, your first thought may be to take pain medicine. It’s recommended that you take acetaminophen only and use a clean, cold compress on the affected area of your face. Other medications, including numbing gel, may interfere with your treatment.

Dental and Gingival Abscesses

A dental or gingival abscess may be accompanied by pain, swelling, sensitivity to temperature, and a fever. Individuals who have developed an oral abscess may be able to see it as an inflamed bump on their gums. It’s very important to make an appointment immediately, as this condition can become quite dangerous if left untreated.

Contact Our Lakeview Dentist

Chicago Family Dental Care has locations in Chicago (Lakeview) and Waukegan. If you are experiencing dental pain, please do not hesitate to contact us for an emergency appointment.

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