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Emergency Services

Emergency Dental Services

Emergency Dentist in Chicago, IL & Waukegan, IL

Our dental practices in Lakeview and Waukegan see many patients every year who are faced with dental emergencies. For some, their visit is the result of an unexpected accident, while others come in for an appointment when what was once slow-building tooth pain becomes unbearable.

If you are experiencing dental pain of any kind, please reach out to Family Dental Care immediately to schedule an emergency appointment.

How to Recognize A Dental Emergency

If you are experiencing severe dental pain, or believe you may be at risk of losing a tooth, your situation is a dental emergency. It is important to treat dental pain that does not have a clear cause just as urgently as a visible injury.

Below you will find a list of common dental injuries, and how to address them.

Common Dental Emergencies

A Knocked-Out Tooth

Also known as a dental avulsion, a knocked-out tooth may be saved through quick thinking and fast action. If you or someone else happens to lose an adult tooth, pick up the tooth by its crown (never the root) and rinse it gently under water (do not scrub the tooth, and handle it as little as possible).
Try to reinsert the tooth, facing the correct direction, back into its socket. If this does not work, you can place the tooth between your gum and lip, or bring it to your dentist in a small container of milk so the tooth does not dry out before arriving at the dental office.

Chipped, Cracked, or Otherwise Damaged Teeth

If you suffer an accident that results in dental trauma, such as cracked, broken, or chipped teeth, your first thought may be to take pain medication to relieve the discomfort. It is recommended that you take acetaminophen only, and use a clean, cold compress to reduce swelling in the affected area of the face.

Be sure to make an emergency appointment with your dentist as soon as possible following any type of dental injury.

Dental and Gingival Abscesses

A dental or gingival abscess may be accompanied by pain, swelling, sensitivity to temperature, and a fever. Individuals who have developed an oral abscess may be able to see it as an inflamed bump on their gum tissue. It is very important to make an appointment with your dentist immediately if this occurs, as this condition can become quite dangerous if left untreated.

Injured Soft Oral Tissue

If you or a family member has suffered an injury to the lip, tongue, or cheeks, such as a cut or bite, you should apply pressure with a clean cloth to stop the bleeding, and ice to reduce swelling and bruising. However, please note that if bleeding does not stop after 15 minutes, you should visit the nearest emergency room.

Possible Broken Jaw

If you or someone else has severely injured their jaw, it is absolutely imperative you head to the emergency room. If necessary, you may tie a necktie, scarf, or towel around the injured party’s head to support the jaw during travel.

Contact Us for Emergency Dental Services

At Chicago Family Dental Care, we provide patients with emergency dental care from experienced dental professionals. Whether a patient requires a tooth extraction in Lakeview, or emergency root canal therapy, we have locations in Chicago and Waukegan, Illinois.

If you are experiencing dental pain or have suffered an oral injury, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately. Our friendly staff are always here to help.

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