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Botox / Dermafillers

How Botox Works?

Every facial expression you make contracts your facial muscles causing your skin to crease. As you age, your skin naturally loses some of its elasticity, which can cause these creases to get deeper and to stay permanently. You may develop frown lines between your eyes from a somewhat young age, which can make you look worried or angry. Temporarily immobilizing these muscles with the help of dermafillers like Botox will smooth out these lines so you can look less stressed and younger again.

Botox is injected directly into the skin, temporarily blocking the nerves leading to the area. This reduced muscle activity will reduce or eliminate the deep wrinkles and fine lines you are trying to get rid of. In addition to cosmetic uses, Botox is also used in other areas of medicine to treat migraines, Bruxism and TMJ.

Does It Hurt?

When you get dermafillers in Chicago or Lakeview, you can expect a series of minor injections. You may experience some minor bruising, but this should only last a couple of days. Those who administer Botox treatments should be AAFE trained and will help create a plan that minimizes your discomfort. In some cases, you may require two to five injections using a fine needle. Many patients don’t even feel the needle. Botox treatments will take approximately 15 minutes and will not require anesthesia.

How Fast Does It Work?

After treatment, you will be able to return to your regular daily activities immediately. Results are typically evident within a few days. While the full effects of the treatment may not appear for up to two weeks, the results will last for months. Dermafillers in Lakeview and Chicago can be combined with other anti-aging treatments to further their impact.

AAFE trained professionals can offer a number of skin treatments designed to remove or reduce your wrinkles on a temporary basis, as well as improve elasticity, lift scars, delay the effects of aging and replace lost volume. Botos is one of the most well-known of the dermafillers and has become quite popular because it is an effective, non-surgical treatment used to reduce crow’s feet, forehead lines and frown lines temporarily.

A Treatment for TMJ and Jaw Tension

In some situations, Botox dermafillers may be used to treat temporo-mandibular joint (TMJ) disorder, along with pain and jaw tension. When this treatment is injected into the muscles associated with this area, it can relieve the jaw tension and other symptoms of TMJ. They can also eliminate headaches that are caused by grinding teeth, as well as minimize instances of lockjaw, which may be caused by stress. The use of dermafillers for these purposes is still in the experimental stages, but early results show it can be greatly effective.

How Does It Help?

The temporo-mandibular joint is located along both sides of the head where the jaw meets your skull. This joint gets a lot of use as you swallow, talk and eat, as well as in other daily activities. If the TMJ is overworked, such as with teeth grinding, or becomes displaced, it can cause severe headaches and sharp pains in the jaw. The use of Botox relieves this tension, stopping the muscles from any unconscious movement that may produce this type of pain and headaches.

Using Botox dermafillers to treat jaw tension and TMJ disorder in Chicago and Lakeview has been found to be straightforward, effective and fast. This non-surgical procedure will be completed right in the dental office and requires no stay in the hospital. In fact, you can return to your daily activities immediately after treatment. Most individuals will see results in as little as a day or two following the first treatment, but full relief may take a full week.

What Areas Are Affected?

Botoxi only relaxes the areas in which it is injected. Using this as TMJ treatment will not have an impact on any other area of the body. We typically administer injections in the masseter, temporalis, and frontalis as shown below. We may determine additional injection sites are required based on the severity of headaches.

How Long Does Treatment Take?

How long your dermafillers treatment will last varies depending on how many injections are required. For most people, a Botox treatment will last between 10 and 30 minutes.

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