The Different Types of Dental Crowns

Published on April 20th, 2021

A Variety of Choices

A dental crown covers a tooth or teeth that are compromised. They are commonly used in root canal procedures. Dental crowns are different from fillings in that they do not fill a space, but rather sit on top of existing teeth or dental implants. They may also be used to help adhere dental bridges or protect a weak tooth from suffering damage.

There are a few different types of dental crowns available. These include ceramic, gold alloy, metal, porcelain fused to metal, resin, and stainless steel.

Ceramic (porcelain) crowns are cosmetically appealing since they are the same color as teeth. They are also durable and reliable. Zirconia is a specific type of ceramic crown which is incredibly strong and long lasting.

Gold alloy crowns are constructed of various metals, will not wear down the teeth around them, are long lasting, and will not fracture. They are also bio-compatible with gum tissue, making it less likely that the crown will irritate the gum.

Metal crowns are strong, do not fracture easily, and do not put wear on neighboring teeth. They are also unlikely to corrode over time. Metal crowns also require the least amount of tooth shaving before placement. Gold alloy crowns are a type of metal crown.

Porcelain fused to metal crowns are very commonly used in dental practice. This type of crown consists of porcelain bonded to metal through a heating process. They are visually appealing because they are the same color as natural teeth on the surface, but they are more durable than porcelain thanks to the metal base.

Resin crowns are less durable than other crowns, but they are the most similar looking to natural teeth and are less expensive than other options, such as porcelain (ceramic). Resin crowns are not usually used on adult teeth since they do not last long.

Stainless steel crowns are only used on baby teeth or as temporary fixes for adult teeth. Stainless steel crowns do not cause irritation to gum tissue, and cost less than other crowns.

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