How To Keep Your Smile In Top Shape This Holiday Season

Published on November 22nd, 2017

With the holidays just around the corner, its not always easy to maintain a healthy diet. Thanksgiving is a holiday that revolves around delicious, not-so-healthy food and Christmas and Hanukah incorporate their fair share of eating as well. While we don’t want you skip out on the tasty meals, there are a few things you can do to keep your teeth in mind while celebrating. Here are a few holiday tips to main a healthy smile.

Have a Routine

Dentists recommend that you brush your teeth two times a day and this shouldn’t change around the holidays. This will help keep your teeth clean and strong even after eating some unhealthy food.

Drink Lots of Water

Try choosing water over sugary drinks and alcohol. Not only will this help to rinse the food out of your teeth after eating, but it will limit the amount of sugar that interacts with your teeth. Tap water also contains fluoride which helps to protect your teeth! 

Make Your Treats Sugar-Free

If you don’t want to limit your treat intake this holiday season, try making your desserts sugar-free. This will help reduce the amount of cavity-causing bacteria that forms in your mouth after eating. If you’re feeling really ambitious, make sweets with xylitol – an FDA-approved sweetener that reduces plaque buildup.

Chew Gum After A Big Meal

Sugar-free gum can help satisfy your sweet tooth while clearing away bacteria and plaque at the same time. Chewing gum helps you produce extra saliva to eliminate the bacteria that tends to form in a dry mouth. Pop in a stick for 20 minutes after a meal to keep your teeth in top shape this holiday season.

For more helpful tooth tips, talk to your dentist about other things you can do to keep your teeth happy and healthy while you celebrate the holidays.

Courtesy of Everyday Health

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