How Your Dental Health Changes as You Age

Published on November 21st, 2018

Our mouths are responsible for eating, talking, chewing and more, so it makes sense that they change as we get older. As you age, the wear on tear takes a toll on your teeth. Visiting our dentists in Lakeview is a great way to ensure that your mouth is healthy at every stage of your life.

Don’t Ignore Your Gums!

Your gums are extremely important to the overall health of your mouth. Make sure to floss regularly to keep hard-to-reach bacteria away. If you don’t take care of your gums, they may cause your mouth to swell, become sore or even bleed. Severe gum damage can then damage your bones. Some indicators of gum disease are bad breath, receding gum lines and bleeding.

Cut Back on Acidic Foods

Acidic food and drinks wear out the enamel (the hard, outer layer of a tooth) of your teeth. Once you lose enamel, you cannot get it back. Follow up any acid consumption with a dairy product to cleanse your enamel.

Wearing Down Your Teeth

The enamel of our teeth begins to wear down over time due to all of the grinding, biting and chewing that we do on a daily basis. Your back molars, which are responsible for biting, begin to flatten as you age. While some wear and tear is normal and expected, there are actions you can take to keep damage to a minimum. Avoid chewing on hard objects like ice and kernels.

Make sure you are visiting our dentist in Lakeview at regular intervals, even as you age!

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