Debunking Tooth Extraction Myths

Published on November 23rd, 2020

Tooth extractions are important and often necessary dental procedures that can improve a patient’s oral health, hygiene, and even their quality of life. However, many people are frightened by the idea of tooth extractions, whether that means having their wisdom teeth removed or replacing a cracked tooth with a dental implant. This is usually because tooth extraction is surrounded by unsettling myths and misinformation.

Common Tooth Extraction Myths

When talking about tooth extraction, there is a myth that says only wisdom teeth need to ever be removed. However, this is not true. Any tooth could potentially be extracted for a number of reasons such as decay, infection, injury, and so on.

Another common misconception is that it is unnecessary to replace an extracted tooth or teeth after the procedure. This is particularly concerning because if an extracted tooth is not replaced with an implant, the surrounding teeth will begin to shift, bite alignment will be affected, and the jaw bone will start to deteriorate since it no longer has a tooth to hold in place.

Many people believe tooth extraction is painful. This is a myth that often scares patients into putting off treatment. Tooth extraction should never be painful. A dental professional always uses numbing agents to make their patients feel as comfortable as possible. Pressure is usually the only thing patients feel during a tooth extraction.

Tooth Extractions in Chicago

If you are considering tooth removal, the best way to ease your anxiety regarding the procedure is to find a trusted dentist who has experience performing tooth extractions in Chicago. When you make an appointment at Family Dental Care our knowledgeable team will put all your fears to rest and make sure you understand all the facts, not the myths.

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