Post-Halloween Oral Care

Published on October 31st, 2016

We know how hard it is to resist all that Halloween candy. But if you are going to indulge yourself this October, make sure you’ve got a clean-up plan in place. Sugary Halloween snacks can do a lot of damage to all that hard work you’ve put in brushing and flossing your teeth all year long. You’ll want to make sure that after all the chocolate, caramel, taffy, and candy, you’re getting the sugar off your teeth and doing everything you can to prevent cavities. Follow our tips below for a healthy post-Halloween mouth!

Brush Up

So this one might sound obvious, but brushing your teeth is imperative to maintaining good oral health. The key with post-Halloween brushing is going to be doing it immediately after eating those sugary snacks. Don’t wait to get your mouth clean because the longer you wait, the more damage sugar will do to your teeth. As sugar sits on your teeth it eats away at enamel and causes plaque to form. Supplement your brushing with flossing to get in between your pearly whites.

Drink Water

Nothing is spookier than not getting enough water! Not only does getting inadequate amounts of water threaten your health and cause dehydration, it also does bad things for your teeth. Drinking water washes away food particles and bacteria that might otherwise harm your teeth and gums. Drinking plenty of water during and after eating those Halloween snacks can be a great way to wash away the sugar.

Scheduling an Appointment with Your Dentist

Schedule a dental appointment with Family Dental Care after Halloween to make sure that you get a good, professional cleaning for you and your family. You should see your dentist about every six months as it is, so what better time than right after eating all those sugary snacks. Whatever you miss while brushing and flossing, our dental hygienists will be able to get rid of. You can schedule your appointment by calling or filling out a form on our contact page. We have offices conveniently located in Waukegan and in Chicago’s Lake View neighborhood so that getting to us is a breeze!

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